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Project Success and Transparency When Outsourcing Software Development

In the new business environment, the decision to outsource software development function comes most times as economic and sometimes as strategic option, but not without the risk of losing control over operational effectiveness, efficiency and the implementation speed.

According to Deloitte’s global survey report, 87% of respondents have experienced “a disruptive incident involving third parties”. Such figures obviously trigger anxiety over outsourcing relationships, but there are silver linings too—the Project and Portfolio Management Survey reveals that IT project success rate is improving since 2016.

What has changed?

According to Mark Langley, CEO and president of PMI, “in the past, organizations might only think about benefits maturation and realization once the project had closed! But now, we see they’re looking at that from the beginning and using that as a measure of success or failure.” Today software development companies have become more matured with project management. They are valuing transparency; operating in a more cross-functional manner that is blurring the line between business and IT.

In the software development outsourcing process, you get transparency by empowering teams to connect and share information, as—“connectivity enables transparency”—famously quoted by Bill Gates. However, connecting the right information with the right team is necessary otherwise it would lead to confusion and chaos.